Shooting planning

Gear rental organisation and pickup

Equipment transport to location


Shooting preparation

Set design

Set building

Lighting setup


Shooting assistance

Equipment transport & surveillance

Second camera

Tethered shooting management


Raw workflow

Raw editing with CaptureOne or Lighroom

Image renaming, selection and culling

Initial color grading

Output files generation (PSD, TIFF, JPG)


Color correction

Color grading

Color cast removal

Mixed lights correction

Perspective correction

Shadow, midtones, highlight and contrast balance


High end retouch

Portait enhancement

Blemish removal / Eyebag softening / Skin smoothing / Skin tone enhancement / Body sculpting

Visual distractions removal

Enhance the photographic subject by removing distracting and unwanted objects from the image

Image remodelling

Reconstruct missing image parts and/or change aspect ratio of the image according to your needs